New Pool Construction

From drawing up the first plan to adding the last piece of stone, Pool Craft is involved in your new pool from start to finish. Below is the detailed process which Pool Craft follows for all new pool projects. However the project does not just stop after the pool. We also specialize in custom cabana and landscape design. See the different ways we can turn your backyard into your personal escape close to home.

The Process

Below is our detailed process, of the way in which Pool Craft constructs your new pool from start to finish!

1. Create an Access

The access is always created with the least amount of destruction, and kept clean as possible.


2. Staking out the Pool

The pool perimeter is marked out with paint in preparation for excavation to confirm that the design agreed upon looks the same if not, this is the time to make slight modifications.


3. Excavating the Shape

The hole is dug 2′ bigger than the actual pool, creating a ledge for the steel panels and room for box supports.


4. Setting the Panels

The steel panels are set in place and bolted together. These steel panels can be made to create any shape imaginable, customizing is our specialty.


5. Adding the Box Supports

Box supports are installed every 4′ around the entire pool. The steel panels and box supports are then cemented in place. This system provides tremendous strength to the pool structure and support for concrete decks.


6. Installing a First Stage Bottom

A rough concrete shell is installed to provide a proper base for the finished surface.


7. Installing the Plumbing

2″ flexible PVC plumbing lines are installed. The pipe and fittings are primed and glued for maximum durability. Once all lines are in, they are carefully backfilled with 3/4″ clear gravel, this allows for 100% compaction and excellent drainage.


8. Backfill the Pool and Add Sub Collar

Pool Craft uses 3/4” clear stone to provide optimal drainage. At this time a 1ft sub collar is installed around the perimeter of the pool which will act as the base for the selected coping stone.


9. Smooth Finish (Second Stage)

A finished grout coat is hand trowelled creating a perfectly smooth surface on which the liner sits.


10. Installing the Coping

Installing the double track aluminum coping with a white baked enamel finish for long lasting durability. Coping has a track for the vinyl liner as well as a lock-in winter cover.


11. Installing the Liner

A custom ordered liner designed to fit the exact profile of the pool walls and bottom, is then installed.


13. Landscaping

After this, varying degrees of landscaping take place before the final steps in pool construction.


13. Pool Equipment

By using rigid PVC pipe to plumb each system, we ensure maximum flow efficiency and professional appearance. All equipment sits on a concrete pad.


14. Filling the Pool

Once your pool is ready to fill you may choose between filling from the garden house or ordering water trucks. Using a water truck allows your pool to be up and running the same day the pool is filled.


15. Filling the Pool

With everything in place, your pool is ready for the “start-up”. Every Pool Craft customer is provided with a personal “Pool School” tutorial-a foundation for countless hours of happy swimming and relaxation.


Custom Cabanas

Cabanas, gazebos, and other outdoor structures’ are a great addition to any pool. The functionality of your structure can vary from a simple change room and storage area, to a complete outdoor entertainment space. We are able to design and build any custom cabana or structure to suit your needs, including additional features as a washroom, bar area, sitting area, fireplace, or in some cases a full outdoor kitchen!

Landscape Design

With a stunning Pool Craft pool as the focal point, our landscaping experts will complete your backyard scene, combining the style of your home with the outdoor space, and setting the overall mood. Any time of day, Pool Crafts superb landscaping gives your backyard the “wow” factor.

The Pool Craft team includes award-winning builders, landscape designers and skilled tradesmen. After decades in the business, we know the best way to turn your backyard into your dream landscape.

Decks and Patios

When designing your backyard oasis we offer an assortment of deck and patio options including a wide array of interlock that can turn your backyard into a comfortable outdoor space to entertain family and friends.

Flagstone and Natural stone can also be used in all aspects of your backyard from your water features, pool coping, steps, and retaining walls. The unique colours, grain, texture and absolute beauty of natural stone is hard to surpass.

See More Of Our Work

Outdoor Kitchens and Fire-Pits

Enhance your backyard escape with a unique fireplace setting or barbecue area for countless hours of entertaining family and friends. Throughout the process Pool Craft is always finding ways to utilize the outdoor space to create areas unique to each of our clients. To avoid additional costs later on, you can install the necessary lines for these add-ons during pool and landscape construction. This will make installing these additions in the future must more cost effective.

Pool and Garden Lighting

Enhance your pool and backyard with spectacular lighting of your swimming pool and outdoor living area. Our LED lighting systems can be installed in all areas of your pool, around your deck and other water features. Landscape lighting is also available to highlight various areas of your backyard, creating an evening sanctuary.